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One of my coworkers, when hears me tell stories of my life, tells me that I should really write a memoir. Based on the stories she's responded to, I suspect she may be thinking of something close to Kerouac or Bukowski. Yes, there are stories in my history which might evoke those writers. Yet, there are so many different aspects of my life, that it might be more like Proust. On the other hand, there are plenty of stories that I'm not prepared to tell, they might be best saved for a posthumous memoir, lest I find myself like Thomas Wolfe, upsetting people from the small towns of my life. More likely it would end up like one of those vanity press publications that end up in the garages of grown children.

I started this blog as a place to gather pieces of my writing. It is mostly organized by categories and in reverse chronological order. Yet I started this blog using Drupal, which, at least as I write this, I continue to use. Drupal provides a book outline that can also be used to organize the blog posts in orders in which they should be read. I've used this a little bit in the past, and now, I'm thinking of using it to organize different parts of memories I've posted here.

One part was a section I started to write years ago about when Kim ran for State Representative. In this section, I've also included a post about when Fiona was born.

Another part was a section I started a while ago where I tried to start adding sections of my journals from 1983, which I spent time hitchhiking around the States and around Europe. There is also a section where I wrote details of my daily life with memories interspersed as part of National Novel Writing Month. Finally, there are random blog posts here and there that also act as parts of my memories. These later parts, I hope to organize as I go forward.

Likewise, I hope to start writing other recollections which will add other stories from my youth. What are you doing to save your memories, or perhaps share them online?

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