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It is Friday evening. I am exhausted after a long week, and don't especially feel like writing about following anyone. But I didn't do a Follow Friday blog post last week, and I haven't written anything else today, so I figure I should try to power through a post.

This week, I am focusing on Podcamps. Starting the list is @mmpartee, one of the folks behind Podcamp WesternMass. I've been to a few of these Podcamps, and the next one is coming up at the end of February. I'll probably try to make it to that one as well.

Next on the list is @JoeCascio. I'm not sure exactly how I first met Joe, but we run in very similar circles and I've seen him at various podcamps. He was instrumental in helping get the first Connecticut Podcamp going, and when it was over, I hung out with him and @CherylBudge for drinks at a nearby bar. Cheryl is another member of the social media scene in Connecticut whom it seems like I've always known, but I'm just not sure when or where I first met her.

@paulbogush is an educator living in a neighboring town and teaching in a different neighboring town. He's one of the teachers that gets social media and I wish there were more teachers like him.

Rounding out the list is @jcnork. Like the rest of them, Jack and I have known each other for quite a while. He's helping get the next Podcamp in Connecticut off the ground. He also is the force behind the Lodge Music series in Bethany. The next performance is Saturday night. If people are feeling well enough and there is enough energy here, we'll try to make it.

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