Archive - Dec 1, 2012


Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Another month starts, the final month of 2012. Last month was a challenging month, simply in terms of the amount of stress in my life,and this month, while I hope it will be less stressful is likely to remain challenging.

The month starts off with World AIDS Day. I put up a blog post on my work blog about World AIDS Day. There is a bunch of other stuff in the pipeline for work related blogs.

For the holidays, money continues to be tight, so it is shaping up to be another DIY Christmas. For me, that's a lot more fun anyway. I've been researching online and kicking around different ideas. Some are fairly simple. Some are fairly complex. We'll see what actually gets made.

Meanwhile, this evening, Kim and I are going to the Connecticut Forum this evening to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson, Neil Gaiman and Neri Oxman talk about Vision and Brilliance. Perhaps this will inspire more ideas.

In terms of inspired ideas, I want to give a shout out to Miranda's Idea Blog. I hope to write more about this later.

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