Archive - Nov 27, 2012

Dear 16 Year Old Me

Recently, a friend posted the question on Facebook, "If you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at 16.. what would you say?"

People posted all kinds of stuff about enjoying concerts, not taking themselves too seriously, etc. My first reaction was, "It wouldn't matter, I wouldn't have listened". This was followed by thinking about what I would have thought 36 years ago if some guy came up to me and said he was from the future. I also always come back to the idea of show, don't tell. With that, here are some guesses about what might of happened:

Journal Entry, November 20, 1975: I was hanging out at the Student Union today, eating some french fries when this weird guy came up to me. He looked a little bit like me, just a bit heavier, balding and with a grey beard. A bit like a cross between me, Santa Claus and my Uncle Bud or Uncle Roger. At first I though he was someone who worked at the college and was going to tell me and other townies to leave the student union. Then I thought, maybe he's a professor. When he started talking I thought, maybe he was a professor that had gotten into some cult and lost his tenure. Hard to tell.

He said he was me, from the twenty first century and started talking about the importance of education, especially computers, telephones and cameras, but also not to take myself to seriously. I thought maybe he was going to hand me a tract or ask for a donation, so I finished up my fries quickly and headed down to Spring Street.

Journal entry, November 27, 1975: I was hanging out at the student union again. This time, I was down in the basement at the radio station. I was reading the news coming off the teletype and the strange guy showed up again. He started talking about how people would have their own news wires on small telephones that they carried around with them. He showed me this small thing. He said it was one of those telephones. On it was a screen called Twitter. It had lots of short messages on it, but very few of them actually seemed to be newsworthy. I shrugged and headed over to the rathskeller. There was a good folk music duo playing. Not many people were hanging out, but it was a good show. Between sets the strange guy showed up again. He talked about how in the twenty first century, people would watch shows like this on their telephone. He showed me a thing called YouTube. It was like a small color tv on his telephone. The music he showed me was pretty good. Then he started talking about how people would be able to make their own television shows, and he showed me something really stupid with a talking orange.

I don't know. The future he's talking about seems about as mindless as the seventies.