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A Friend Request to Carrie Peck

Thanksgiving is a great time to gather family history. So much so that various health organizations encourage people to take the opportunity of the holiday to gather a family health history. We gathered at Kim's parents house and got into some good discussions about family history going back several generations.

Kim's sister-in-law has done a bit of genealogical research and had traced the family tree back to Kim's great-great-great grandparents. One great-great-grandmother was Caroline 'Carrie' Peck. Based on data from the Connecticut Death index, 1949-2001, we believe that Carrie was born 12 Aug 1864 in Connecticut and died, 28 Sep 1954 in New Milford, CT. In 1882, she married Samuel Oviatt.

The data I saw suggested that Carrie's parents were David Peck and Lucinda Lent. There are a few websites which talk about David and Lucinda, such as Joseph (of Milford) PECK's Descendants - Seventh Generation. If this connection is correct, then we can trace Kim and Fiona's ancestors back to settlers that came across in 1637 on the ship "Hector". Also, if the data is correct, I suspect I can find how Fiona and Kim are related to some friends in town.

However, the data about David and Lucinda mention six children, but not Carrie. Perhaps Carrie was born after the data was gathered about David and Lucinda's children, or perhaps Carrie was from a second marriage. We don't know, and are trying to find more information. Since Carrie died in 1954 in New Milford, it may be possible to get information from an obituary or other death record.

Carrie's husband was Samuel Oviatt, not much is known about him, other than information from census records. Samuel Oviatt, in the data I have is listed as being the son of William and Urania Oviatt. A little searching on the web revealed this gravestone for William and Urania. This may provide information to help get a back additional generations.

I've always been interested in genealogical research, and the internet makes it possible to find new information. However, this information is not always accurate and needs double-checking.

It struck me, as I tried to find information online about Carrie Peck, how similar it is to trying to reconnect with old friends on Facebook, or make a business contact on LinkedIn.

So, if anyone has any information about Carrie Peck, who married Samuel Oviatt, please, consider this the equivalent of a friend request.

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