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#ff @triberr Part 2 @BarbaraDuke @RAWarrior @Jason__Ramsey @thewebkaiser @CHRISVOSS @rictownsend @elyshemer @joshua_d

This week, I'm doing another Triberr based Follow Friday. I did my first one last week. This week, I looked at the Top Traffic Driving Tribemates. At the top of the list is @BarbaraDuke. Her description talks about being a Christian Coach, a breast cancer survivor, and mentions rheumatoid arthritis. It made me wonder if she knew @RAWarrior, another social media friend who is very active in the rheumatoid arthritis community.

Coming in next is @Jason__Ramsey. He describes himself as a husband and father who loves twitter and who sells wigs. Hmm. Possible business connection? Maybe Jason should be talking with Barbara about people battling cancer that need wigs.

Next on the list is @thewebkaiser. He's been posting some really good content from CES this week, so I've been tweeting links to his articles. Right after that is @chrisvoss, who also has been writing some good articles that I've been tweeting about.

Next is @rictownsend. I know him from Empire Avenue. Finishing off the list are @elyshemer @joshua_d. I don't know them as well as the rest, so perhaps you should just head out and read their bios yourself.

That wraps up this week's Follow Friday list. How about yours?

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