Archive - Aug 26, 2011

Before the storm

It is Friday night at the campsite. It seems quieter tonight than most nights. There are no campfires to be seen. Many campers have left.

Hurricane Irene is heading up the Atlantic seaboard. The news is full of reports about the storm. The talk at the beach, the stores, and the restaurants is about the coming storm.

I read reports from home about shelters being open and transportation shirting down. Yet I am more worried about other things, careers, life goals, etc.

Fiona talks about wishing on a star and Kim replies about wishing for things we can make happen.

With storms, we can prepare, but you can never know for sure what will happen. So it it's with life.

So I continue to work on my writing. We will drive home tomorrow and prepare the house, and we will wait.

All in all, it has been a good vacation. The storms in the background have kept a damper on things, and now we head home to confront some storms. Are we prepared enough? Who can say? So without that assurance, we need could always use a little luck as well.

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