Archive - Aug 2, 2011


Been having a lot of intense deja vu experiences lately. Wonder what that's all about.

Big storm last night. Power went out in Bethany.

Got up at 6 AM. Went through typical motions as if I were going to work today. However, we went to Cape Cod for a memorial for my Uncle Roger who passed away last fall. Lot's to write about that.

Weird mixture of feelings. Visiting the Cape is full of much joy. Yet there is sadness at noting the passing of a family member. Nonetheless, it was a great memorial.

David Glaser: House in Baltimore.

1927 - Roger's birth, Lindberg crossed the Atlantic, Babe Ruth hit 60 homers.

Roger and Marge were married for 62 years. ^0 of those years, they made it out to the Cape, that old Cape Magic.

Closing down old meat packing factories as refrigerated trucks start to roll.

Crescent moon on the way home, together with some heavy rain.

Stopping at Newport Creamery.

It was a very long day. Other notes have escaped me. Hopefully they will come back when I am rested.

More tomorrow.

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