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#FollowFriday @lnreynolds @familycarewv @meredithgould @westr @hynesyte @ludlowerehab @cherylbudge @dsgold @localfooddude

Okay. Today for #followfriday, I was lazy. I used Follow Friday Helper to come up with a list of people that I’ve been interacting with on Twitter. It did a pretty good job. So, let me talk a little bit about this weeks Follow Friday list.

@lnreynolds and @familycarewv are people that I’m following because of our mutual involvement in community health centers. I think both of them were part of the most recent #chcchat.

@meredithgould and @westr are people that I know through the Social Media Health Network organized by the Mayo clinic.

@hynesyte is my brother. He lives on a boat and tweets a lot about the Hudson River and Second Life.

@ludlowerehab is a health care facility in Connecticut. Since I work for a different health care organization in Connecticut, we often end up tweeting about a lot of the same things.

@cherylbudge is a mommy blogger that I met through various social media events in Connecticut. I haven’t run into her recently, even though we work in the same town.

@dsgold is another health care social media type. He’s a good source to follow on health care and social media issues.

@localfooddude describes himself as “Chef, Dad, Ending Childhood Hunger Advocate, Farm 2 School, Co-chair Taste of the Nation New Haven”. He was listed in a #ff tweet from another New Haven friend which he retweeted, which is why he showed up on my screen. I’m glad he did. He’s an interesting person.

So, that’s my fairly quick and easy Follow Friday, this week thanks to Follow Friday Helper.

Oh, and as a side note, I’ve been interacting with quite a few of them on Google+ as well.

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