Archive - Jul 30, 2011

Random Notes

I’ve been at a conference for the past few days, so I’m pretty wiped out. It was at Mohegan Sun; an interesting venue. Hopefully, when I have more time, I’ll capture my reactions to the place. The conference was very good. One video I found from the conference was this:

While QR codes weren’t mentioned during the conference, I’ve been running into more and more of them recently, so I’ve started posting some of them to my Twitter feed. I’d be interested in seeing what others have found for QR codes in various places.

One place where I found a QR code was at the Grand Opening celebration of Stockbridge Cheesecake in Woodbridge, CT. Kim heard about it on Facebook, so we stopped over. They have very good food, and it was great to have a few samples as well as run into some friends there. There was a magician who entertained Fiona a little bit.

Back at home, we used Spotify on my cellphone to listen to various tunes during dinner. I still find the interface a little lacking, however I’m generally finding the music I’m looking for. To make it more fun, from the cellphone, it scrobbles the tune to, so you can see what I’ve been playing on Spotify recently. This evenings theme started off with traveling songs and ended up with tunes from Showboat, which is the musical I saw last night.

That’s about it for this evening… More tomorrow.

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