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Further Google+ Observations

So, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in Google+ and I figured it was time to look again at how it is going. According to Rockmelt, I visit Google+ more than I visit Facebook at home. At work, it is the other way around.

Thanks to changes to Google Apps, my Google+ account is now associated with a new address. Originally, I was using the address that is associated with this blog. However, this blog is set up with Google Apps for domains, and Google is doing something weird with these domains, so if you are looking for me on Google+, please, search on my name, but not on the domain name of my blog. You can also find me at the link Aldon Hynes on Google+.

With the domain stuff kind of straightened out, my Android phone is now working properly with Google+, which is nice.

Things I haven’t used:

Sparks. I like hashtags better. I wish I could do sparks on hashtags. There is probably some way of doing that, or someone will come up with something good.

Huddles: At some point, I’ll find a good opportunity to use them, but not yet.

Hangouts: None of my machines handle video well and there hasn’t been anyone that I really wanted to hang out with.

I have added lots of friends and done a lot with circles, but the numbers don’t completely add up. On the Circles page, it said that I have 951 people in my circles, yet my profile says I have 967. I selected everyone and dragged them to my misc circle and it said that two people were added to the Misc circle, and now my Circles page says I have 969 in my circles and 969 in my Misc circle. However, my profile still says I have only 967. My guess is that there is some caching going on. When I refresh my profile again, it says I’ve dropped one to 966 people in my circles.

The same sort of thing happens with people that have me in their circles. My circles page currently says there are 463. However, my profile show 379. I had guessed that this might be caching, or it might be some sort of privacy thing of people not allowing others to see that they’ve added me to their circles, or perhaps, just another random bug.

As I’m writing this post, I prepare to start talking about how I’ve organized my different circles. However, as I start on this, my computer starts slowing down considerably, and I notice it is getting quite late, so I’ll post this as is, and come back later to explore my circles, as well as Google Takeout (which is pretty neat).

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