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Music Monday – The Harpeth Rises Again

Last week, I received a copy of the new CD by Harpeth Rising, Dead Man’s Hand. There is quite a back story here. I reviewed them on my blog quite a while ago. Then, Fiona interviewed Jordana on her radio show. This was shortly before Harpeth Rising played at the Buttonwood Tree last winter. It ended up being one of those nights when a heavy snow storm hit Connecticut, so Fiona and Kim couldn’t make it up to the show, but since it was across the street from where I worked, I managed to make it.

As I listened to the new CD, I tried to find the song that resonated best to me, and perhaps the one that jumped out most at me was “Tough as Nails (Love song for a Toyota Corolla)”. Got love a rhyme about conservatives that snicker about a liberal bumper sticker. As I listened, another song came to mind, Neil Young’s “Long May You Run”.

We've been through some things together
With trunks of memories still to come
We found things to do in stormy weather
Long may you run

Thinking about it, another song comes to mind, Half a Million Miles by The Kennedys. I guess any musicians that do a lot of touring are likely to have something special to say about their travels and the vehicle’s that carry them, and Harpeth Rising does some great travelling. In a couple days, they will be starting their U.K. tour. So, any of my friends in the U.K., check out the Harpeth Rising Tour Dates to see if you can catch one of their shows live, because it is really a special experience to catch them live.

I’ve been told they may be back at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, CT this coming fall or winter, and I can’t wait.

To get a sense of their performances, check out this YouTube video of them playing the title song from their latest CD.

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