Archive - Jul 1, 2011


Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Happy Canada Day, and for those who closed the books on their fiscal year last night, happy fiscal new year. I have ancestors, and for that matter, distant relatives from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and it is interesting think about their lives when they settle their hundreds of years ago, as well as their lives today. There are farms in New Brunswick that have been in the family for generations.

For the Fiscal New Year, despite difficulties, Connecticut has not shut down, but it appears as if Minnesota has. I’ll save thoughts on that for later.

Another thing that starts today is the Farmer’s Market in Middletown which CHC helps sponsor. I guess at lunch time, I need to go do some research on CHC supported Farmer’s Market. I hear the Cheese Truck will be there, another rough work assignment.

Looking forward, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival happens this month and already there are plenty of discussions about when people will arrive, where they will camp, what they’ll buy from the midway, and who the performers will be. I’m ready.

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