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Okay. A fairly random collection of Follow Friday listings this week… I’ll start off with @CHCHealthCorps. This is a new Twitter account for “a team of 12 AmeriCorps Community HealthCorps members serving at Community Health Center, Inc. in cities throughout Connecticut” They are getting ready for their big trip across Connecticut and it would be great for a bunch of people to follow them.

@andreayap is an old friend from @Ripple100. I ran into him today at a health care conference and we had lunch afterwards.

@KatSongPR – I may have mentioned her recently in a #ff. I did Retweet her quote from Abraham Lincoln about the Internet.

@davelucas – Dave is an old blogging friend who wanted to know about my problems with Amazon Web Services. I still need to write that quote.

@heddahfeddah is an old twitter contact who write a lot about Hartford and recently tweeted about a whale watch on the Dolphin Fleet out of Provincetown.

@HartfordMayor recently sent out a press release about getting his 1000th follower.

@VargasforMayor wants to become the next Hartford Mayor and mentioned me, my wife, @CouncilorCotto and some others in a tweet about a Politico article.

@CouncilorCotto also from Hartford, commented about my tweet about the Woodbridge elections. Apparently, he got the election results from my tweet a day late. Not sure what happened there.

Then there are the Quigley brothers, @richquigley and @RobQuigley. I’ve mentioned them in tweets and #FF posts a bit recently and they have come back with interesting responses.

Finally, I’ll shout out to @lenpeters. He just became the new CIO for @Yale. He doesn’t have a lot of followers yet and doesn’t tweet a lot yet, but hopefully that will change soon enough.

So, that is my Follow Friday post for the first Friday of May.

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