Archive - May 16, 2011

Woodbridge Political Update

This evening was the annual town meeting. With a tax decrease as part of the proposed budget, the meeting did not draw a quorum with only about 34 people showing up. There was one child and several people that work for the town and are not residents, so it was probably only 22 voters that showed up.

Lacking a quorum, it was a quick presentation of changes since the preliminary budget. In a nutshell, taxes are going down even more than originally expected. Other than appreciation be expressed to members of boards and committees that held the line on a tight budget, there were no questions or comments. In all, the meeting was over in fifteen minutes.

As with any town meeting, there it was a chance for friends and neighbors to greet one another and catch up on other news.

The biggest news is that our town has been selected to audit the results of the May election. This will take place Wednesday May, 25th at the Center, starting at 8:30.

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