Archive - May 14, 2011


With all the pollen in the air, my head has been throbbing. I haven’t felt like doing much of anything, other than trying to sleep, and I’ve been having problems sleeping. All of this, as I just got through an incredibly busy week at work.

So, today was a quiet day. I went to Fiona’s softball game. Went to the dog park with Kim and Wesley, and looked over movies to watch this evening.

I heard that James Tate will be allowed to go to the prom. While some people have asked what is the big deal, really, I think this is important. In the larger picture we have been a nation moving towards mindlessly following rules, and not questioning if the rules are good, or being willing bend or change rules to make them better. We need to celebrate creativity that sometimes draws outside the lines.

This evening, Kim and I went out for get sushi. Fiona went to a roller derby. Now, we will find a good movie on Netflix, and hopefully the rain will come and the pollen will be less tomorrow.

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