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Well, this week, I’m pretty tired, so I’m writing a Follow Friday post listing the seven people I’ve followed most recently.

Starting off the list is @RobQuigley Rob followed me recently and I followed him back. I’m not sure if Rob is related to @RichQuigley, but about the same time Rob followed me, Rich retweeted a message I had sent. Rich lists himself as “Award Winning Media Strategist & Exec Producer @NBNinc,” and Rob lists himself as “Directing social media for Source Interlink Media - 75+ magazine brands & websites. Former New Media Director for Gov. @Schwarzenegger.”

@NBNInc describes itself as “Since 1968, the leading producer & distributor of branded content for PR & marketing, including, media tours, RNRs, MVRs, PSAs, News Media, Corp News & Video.” They are currently running a contest where a nonprofit will receive a free radio news release. (Click on the contest link for details.)

One of my coworkers speaks highly of @NBNInc, and suggested we should try to get people to nominate CHC. I posted a tweet about it and followed @NBNInc and they followed me back.

@NickDawson starts his Twitter description with “Hospital administration, passionate about patient experience, maker of bacon”. He wrote an interesting blog post, Meaningful Use guidelines for Social Media in Healthcare. “Meaningful Use” is a term of art in heathcare technology, and Nick has written a great blog post.

@JMSCHC is the Joseph M Smith Community Health Center in Massachusetts. I believe we met through the weekly #chcchat and I look forward to talking more with them over the coming weeks.

@donechute is a blogger I met through EntreCard or one of those networks. He recently followed me and I followed him back.

@bfowlersc is a “Health Policy and Advocacy for SC Community Health Centers and the National Association of Community Health Centers”

Closing off the list is @astyaep who attended a discussion I lead about social media and families.

So, that is my list for this week. Happy Follow Friday everyone.

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