Archive - Apr 23, 2011

Random Stuff

Kim’s brother was visiting for the holiday weekend, so we had dinner with the extended family last night. Fiona stayed over at Papa and Nanna’s house. This morning, we took Wesley over to Veteran’s Memorial Park in Bethany to romp with Kim’s brother’s dog. They had a great time. It turns out that we showed up at the same time as the ribbon cutting for the new pavilion there. I stopped and chatted with the folks there a little bit and ate a few cookies.

Today, the first episode of Dr. Who aired in the U.K. It will air here in the states this evening. Unfortunately, our cable company doesn’t carry BBC America, so I started looking for ways to stream it online. The best I could find was BBC’s iPlayer, which only works in the U.K. So, I spent a bit of time tweaking one of the computers so it would appear to be from the U.K. so Kim could watch it.

Beyond that, mostly I rested and cleaned. A rainy day in Woodbridge and Bethany.

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