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This week’s Follow Friday post takes a different twist. I am going through the different twitter lists I’m on and highlighting some of the people that have listed me.

Starting off is @michaelcipi He describes himself as a SEO & Social Nerd @HunchFree and listed me as a Social-Samurai, “Social Media maestros, meeting place magicians, crowd source connoisseurs”. Thanks.

Next is @vladkonce. “Noetic Positivism”. His list is happy-new-world-1. Sounds interesting.

@HopeHealthInc has me on their list, health-center-info. We have a lot in common through the #chcchats.

@MBGreenwich has me on their Connecticut list.

The Quigley brothers, @RobQuigley @RichQuigley have me on several different lists about social media, techweb, top-content, and conversations. I mentioned them in a previous Follow Friday. Very interesting folks.

@CrescendoCG lists me in a Health Care Social Media (HCSM) list. Yup, that’s my job these days and I’m really appreciating connecting with others interested in this.

@KatPowers has me on two lists, New England and Media on Media. Kat describes herself as “Working on SEO, mom, mother, mommy, maman, gardner, garden, plants, spring, editor, newspapers,”. I’ve been following her on various social media sites for quite a while, and highly recommend her writing.

@craigpsmith lists me on Social Media Types. I just retweeted something he had retweeted about QR codes on campaign signs. Glad I found it from him.

@kurtgannon “Interactive Art Director at Jackrabbit Design in Hartford/ Boston” lists me on his Connecticut list and his marketing-pr-social-copy list.

@CaitlinRDoran lists me on her social media list. I met her at the Mayo Clinic social media conference in Florida and really enjoy reading what she writes.

I could go on and on, but that’s probably enough for this week. Happy Follow Friday everyone.

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