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Random Stuff

Yesterday, I was significantly delayed in my trip home by flood waters across the Wilber Cross Parkway. I mentioned this in passing in my latest blog post on the CHC blog.

There was an interesting question on Quora, Assuming Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination in 2012, who will be the Democrat's nominee in 2016?

I posted a list of some of the younger Democratic Governors

I’ve started playing with as another way of tracking sites that I’ve visited. It seems to work fairly nicely, only showing sites youve white listed, and allowing you to delete different pages.

I’ve also started using sitesimon. I haven’t done enough with it to get a strong sense. However, I worry that it’s Facebook connection may be a bit spammy. Meanwhile, I continue to use OneTrueFan as another way of tracking sites I’ve visited and sharing them.

The one other site I started playing with recently is SocialCam. Seems okay, but I don’t see it really doing a lot for me that I’m not already doing with Qik.

That’s it for today.

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