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Okay, its a kind of scrambled Follow Friday. Starting off the list is Harpeth Rising, a really great band that I’ve been following for a while. They recently followed me, so it is a good time to mention them again.

Next is @dme1661. I know David from other circles, and while he is new to Twitter and hasn’t tweeted anything yet, I expect his tweets will be interesting.

@newhavenreentry also also just followed me. This is a city initiative ‘to help formerly incarcerated residents reintegrate into New Haven’. Worth the follow.

@emacartney recently came on to my radar she works for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and has been writing a lot of interesting health care tweets.

I was surprised to get a message that @yougottacall recently followed me. I’ve been friends with Tim from @yougottacall for quite a while, and I thought had been following each other for quite a while. Anyway, it is time for another shout out to Tim.

@jordanfenster writes for the New Haven Register. We’ve recently had some good discussions about social media and kids. It will be interesting to see what else he has to say.

@sparkenergyCT recently followed me. If something that sounds a bit like a company follows me, like @sparkenergyCT or @YouGottaCall, I’m unlikely to follow them unless I have some sort of relationship with the company or people in it. At first, I did not recognize @sparkenergyCT, but then I got a message from @EricTTung that he works there and hoped that I would #FF the company, so, here you are Eric.

Next up are @dr_bob and @drcdrury. I am supposed to lead a panel early tomorrow morning with @dr_bob at the #agpa conference. @drcdrury was supposed to be on the panel as well, but unfortunately can’t make it. See AGPA 223 for more details.

I had hoped to make it to the whole conference, but that fell through so I’m just going Saturday morning. This means that I will be in Middletown this afternoon, so I hope to stop by for #beerup with @joecascio @cherylbudge and other CT Twitter friends.

That’s it for today’s #FF.

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