Archive - Mar 3, 2011

Another blank page

So, it is seven in the evening. It has been another long day, and I am facing another blank page. What should I write about? Perhaps I should touch on some of the warm weather we had last weekend as the snow melted creating little streams down the driveway. I chipped away at the large snowbank that is blocking off part of the driveway and can now park closer to the house.

There was a little bit of the element of being a young boy again, playing in the streams of melting snow running down our road towards the bus stop.

It has been a busy week since then. I’ve wanted to follow up on Bob Massie’s Senate campaign. I want to talk with my friends about planning Social Web Week Connecticut 2011. I’ve done a bit of writing at work on some interesting projects, and not had time to get to other projects. This coming weekend, I’ll head down to New York City where I’ll be speaking about social media and group psychotherapy. I’m looking forward to that and disappointed I didn’t have the time and energy to make it to a dinner there this evening.

That said, it looks like I’m out of energy for writing as well.

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