Archive - Mar 25, 2011

#FF Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and Foursquare

Normally on Follow Friday, I list various people that I’ve recently followed on Twitter or that I’ve been following for a while, but are particularly relevant to what is going on during the week. This week, I’m going meta.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a blog post talking about connecting Twitter and LinkedIn, so I finally got around to adding the Twitter App on LinkedIn. It got me thinking, it would be good to explore a little bit how my different social maps overlap.

I’m on a lot of different networks. I have the most connections on Twitter. I’m currently following 2930 people and 3333 people are following me back. According to there are 902 on Twitter that I am following that are not following me back. From that, it would appear as if there are 2028 that I am following that are following me back. From this I come up with 1305 people that are following me that I’m not following back. This would be good Venn diagram sort of stuff.

On Facebook, I have 1916 friends. There used to be an app that would try to map Facebook friends and Twitter followers, however that seemed to have stopped working sometime back, so I really don’t know what the over lap between twitter and facebook is for me.

LinkedIn is probably the next largest network in terms of my connections. Currently, I have 640 connections there. Of these, 245 are also on LinkedIn. I’m currently following 176 of these connections on Twitter and there are 69 on LinkedIn that I am not yet following. It was a bit more, but I added a bunch of them Thursday. I’ll probably go out and add more later. LinkedIn makes it fairly easy to follow people on Twitter that you are already connected with.

The next network in terms of connections is Quora. I’m currently following 441 people there. and 371 are following me. Quora does give information about how this overlaps with Facebook, and 171 of the people that I follow I’m also friends with on Facebook. I don’t know how this network overlaps with other networks, or other aspects a asymmetry. Quora does give you the ability to see if a connection is also on Facebook or Twitter. However, it doesn’t currently give any good analytics.

You can check to find the Facebook and Twitter Pages of people on Quora, so I could go through all of them to see if I follow them on other social networks, however that is a bit of work, and perhaps an API will help with that at some point. On a quick spot check I found a lot of overlap.

Ending off the list of networks where I’ve been spending a bit of time recently is Foursquare. Currently, I have 360 friends on Foursquare. Foursquare also gives the ability to check to see who you are connected with on Twitter and Facebook and request friendship on Foursquare. And, for each person on Foursquare, you can see their Twitter and Facebook page. I haven’t done a spot check on this.

With that, I’ve been following a bunch of people on different networks that I am currently following on other networks. At some point, I’ll perhaps consolidate a lot of this into some sort of social media contact management system.