Archive - Mar 22, 2011

Health Records

Today, I stopped at the drugstore to pick up some over the counter medications. Fiona is pretty much over her latest cold, or at least I hope she is, but she is still a little congested.

While I was there, I notice various blood pressure cuffs. I’ve got one kicking around the house somewhere, but haven’t been able to find it in quite a while, so I thought of picking up a new one.

These days, many of them have the ability to store the past 60 blood pressure readings. There are even blood pressure cuffs that will take SD cards, have USB interfaces, and WiFi enabled blood pressure cuffs have been announced, but I don’t know if any are in production yet.

One cuff interfaces with Microsoft’s HealthVault, so you can save the results in your personal health record. These aren’t the only devices like this. There are WiFi enable scales as well.

With my work at the Community Health Center, I’m getting more and more interested in these sorts of devices, as well as in electronic health records.

A friend of mine has diabetes and I know that there is a whole measuring regimen with that. I’ve also looked at various pedometers, and loaded a pedometer program in one of my cellphones, but I haven’t really done much more with that.

So, I’m wondering, are any of you doing anything with internet connected health recording devices? Do any of you have Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault accounts? Are you doing anything interesting with them? Have you connected them to electronic health records from your doctors office, or perhaps to pharmacists or labs?

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