Archive - Mar 21, 2011


This morning, I went to a program on stress reduction at work. (You can read a little bit about it on the blog I write at for work, Healthy Communities Online.) I have a lot more to write about that, later.

While I was there, I turned off my cellphones, and only later found that Fiona was sent home to Papa’s house with a fever of 102. Kim stayed home much of last week with Fiona fighting a cold and was a bit stressed about it.

Meanwhile, I’m reading about Isabella Oleschuk, a 12 year old girl that disappeared from the town next to mine yesterday morning.

The best article I’ve found so far is A Story About Bullying, Survival and a Missing Child.

Beyond my neighborhood, people are trying to put their lives back together in the midst of fighting in Libya and the destruction in Japan.

Maybe it is time for a little more stress reducing meditation, and perhaps a prayer or two.

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