Archive - Mar 14, 2011

Monday Morning

It is a bright sunny morning in Jacksonville, FL. I arrived last night on an uneventful flight from Connecticut. For the next three days, I’ll be at a conference on social media and health care. I may be tweeting a lot, so if conference tweeting annoys you, you might want to unfollow me until Thursday. I expect that my blogging may also be a little sparse for the next few days.

I am currently working off of my old IBM laptop. I’m going to guess that it is about six years old. I’ve installed Linux on it, and it mostly runs smoothly, but it has been freezing a bit recently, so I’m trying to do some updates. However, the hotel WiFi is pretty slow.

On the plane down, I worked on the laptop a little as well as played with my Android phone in Airplane mode. I didn’t have a lot installed on the Android that worked in Airplane mode. So, I’m thinking I should try to tweak it for the flight back. Adding a podcast player would probably be good. Also, I have Squeak running on Android on my N900, so it might be fun to see if I can get squeak to run on the Samsung Android. I did take the MicroSD card from my N900 and put it in my Samsung. I could get to the files, but couldn’t launch Squeak.

I also kicked around running a virtual world program on my laptop. I have Imprudence and Hippo loaded on my laptop. However, I don’t currently have an instance of OpenSim running, so without an internet connection, there wasn’t a virtual world I could connect to.

I’m also thinking it is time to kick around Blender or some other good animation program. I’m also thinking it might be good to kick around Alice again sometime soon, and even take another shot at OpenCroquet.

It was nice to be disconnected from the internet for an extended period, but still have access to technology. It gave me more time to kick around ideas of things I should try to set up.

Meanwhile, I got a phone call from home. Kim has been sick, and now Fiona has gotten it.