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Hebron Maple Fest

This weekend is the Hebron Maple Fest. It is another one of those Connecticut events we try to get to every year. This year was a little more difficult than other years. I am leaving on a business trip on Sunday so we really need to go to the festival today.

However, Fiona had play practice in the morning. Kim was supposed to go to a political event, but was sick. I walked Wesley while Fiona was at practice, ran some errands, and then picked up Fiona.

Finally, around noon, we got on the road. We stopped in Middletown, where we picked up Orlando, a friend of mine from work. The three of us then proceeded to the festival.

It was about the same as other years. We parked about the same place we usually do, walked down to the Democrat’s booth where Fiona had a grilled cheese sandwich and I had a maple cured ham, egg and cheese sandwich. On the way, we ran into Congressman Joe Courtney and State Senator Edith Prague. I chatted with both of them for a little while.

Rep. Courtney and State Sen. Prague

There were various dogs around, but we had decided not to bring Wesley. That would be just too complicated. Other years a greyhound rescue group has been there. This year there were lots of greyhounds, but I don’t know if any of them were available for adoption.

Farmer's Cow

The Farmer’s Cow was there, giving away miniature ice cream sundaes. It was right next to the building with the quilts and Fiona, who had just finished her grilled cheese sandwich wanted to see them. She and Orlando went inside, and I hung out outside holding Fiona’s food. Later, I went inside and looked at the quilts and took some pictures.


Finally, we made it up to the Volunteer Fire Department. That was where we picked up the sugar on snow and maple cotton candy. Orlando had never had sugar on snow before and wasn’t sure what to expect. He doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, but enjoyed it anyway. However, I couldn’t convince him to have pickles with the sugar on snow.

After this we drove to a couple sugar houses. We ended of at Wenzel’s sugar house. They usually have a cow, and sometimes have a calf there. This year, there was a ten day old calf. Fiona greatly enjoyed being with the calf and even got a chance to feed it a little.

Fiona and the Calf

We picked up a half gallon of extra dark maple syrup. Most people like the light maple syrup, but we like it dark. The dark maple syrup is especially good in hard cider.

Finally, we headed back home. Kim was still sick in bed. I did a bit more laundry and started preparing for the trip tomorrow. It was a good day, tiring but good. I just hope Kim feels better soon.

(P.S. Pictures are up in my 2011 Hebron Maple Fest Set on Flickr.)

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