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Normally on Fridays I post a Follow Friday (#ff) entry to my blog. Through the magic of TwitterFeed it shows up on Twitter as a Follow Friday tweet with a link back to my extended thoughts about whom I am following and why.

Normally, it is people that I’ve been following for quite a while, or people that I’ve recently met. Today, I am doing a preemptive Follow Friday.

You see, Sunday afternoon, I’m flying down to a Social Media conference in Jacksonville, FL, which goes by the hashtag, #MayoRagan. Since it is health care and social media, I figure I should add the #hcsm hashtag, and since I work for a Federally Qualified Health Center, I figure I should add #fqhc to the list.

As is often the case, people that will be attending the conference have already started tweeting ahead of time. With this, I can spend a little time getting to know who will be there.

Starting off the list is @daniellecass, @gingeranderson, @billyorr, @g24khamr, and @jeisman. It appears as if they are on a lunchtime panel together. @daniellecass is a communicator for Kaiser Permanente and is listed as the moderator. @gingeranderson works for ScrippsHealth. She’s a mommy blogger and I’ve scanned her blog. She sounds interesting. @billyorr is an EVP for Racepoint Group. @g24khamr is another California EVP. At first glance Gary’s blog doesn’t seem all that interesting; yet another guy writing about social media, public relations and journalism. Yet his blog roll seems interesting. He lists himself as a fellow member of the Media Bloggers Association. He links to Global Voices, Jay Rosen, David Parmet, and even an old Second Life business blog. He just might be interesting to talk to after all. @jeisman appears to work for, but I don’t find her in the program listing and she doesn’t seem to have a lot of information on her Twitter page either.

A bunch of other people have tweeted about being there and I’ve been reading various profiles, blogs, etc. I’m sure I’ll have a good time and have some interesting discussions, but it’s been a very long week, and something about all the profiles makes me feel like I need to bring a copy of Fear and Loathing with me to the conference.

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