Archive - Mar 1, 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Lion, Lamb, Red sky at night. All of these phrases come to mind as the month of March starts. February ended off with warm rain wearing away some of the snow drifts, car problems, Fiona falling and hurting herself, and lots of work.

From a weather perspective, March appears to be coming in like a lamb. It was a mild day today. Pleasant. On the drive home, there was a beautiful sunset. Widespread clouds of various hues of light purple, highlighted with various shades of red. Red sky at night...

Yet from a work perspective, March has come in with a lion, with so many balls in the air that I’m already exhausted, and I have a lot ahead of me this month.

I look at my daily list of activities that need to get completed, and it seems easy to get overwhelmed. But, I just check off one thing after another, getting what I can done, and when the day is over, heading home, exhausted. It will be a relatively early night tonight. I’ve gotten a lot done, and I don’t really have the energy to get a lot more done.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. I hope this is a good month for everyone.

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