Archive - Jan 21, 2011

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Yeah, I should probably write a longer post about why each of the people I’ve listed as friends to follow on Friday, but it is Friday and it has been a very long week.

So, I’ll give you the short version @mmpartee @LesleyLambert @iAM_ALfonso @redheadeddivak and others are at a pre-podcamp tweetup in Western Mass tonight.

@CTchrisadams @JoeCascio @CherylBudge @timtracey @mattcrouch and others will be attending a Tweetup here in Connecticut tomorrow.

I’m not at the pre-podcamp tweetup. We’ll see if I get my act together to get up to Podcamp Western Mass. It should be a good event.

I’ve got a better chance of making it to the CT-Tweetup tomorrow. It depends on how much sleep I get tonight, and other variables.

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