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Music Monday - Shanna Underwood

What is it that makes us unique, that makes us more than just another number, more than just a punched card afraid of being bent, folded, spindled or mutilated? What makes us different than part of a demographic whose cookies are being traced with every click we take?

Perhaps that is some of what drives my blog, an effort to explore and express my uniqueness and to find it in others. Perhaps some of that is what I’m looking for when I seek performers to highlight in my Music Monday blog posts.

Shanna Underwood captures some of this. In her Sonicbids submission she writes

As a traveling songwriter, part-time archaeologist, and part time English as a Foreign Language teacher, I think I bring a unique perspective and sensibility to my music.

She does, and it comes through in her music subtly. In Picket Fences she sings

I want to go deeper than the American dream allows
A red rose is not what this is about

It echos again in Wandering,

Twenty-thousand miles, a suitcase and denial
Won't bring me any closer to someone I don't know

The title of her song, Appalachia to the Himalayas also reflects this sensibility.

What is Shanna looking for in her wanderings from the picket fences and Appalachia to the Himalayas? What are we all looking for? Someone to love? Someone to make us feel special? Someone that we can make feel special? There is earning in her voice as she sings her songs, an authentic sounding yearning that we need to hear more of.

So, some day, take a moment to sit down and listen to Shanna Underwood’s music. Think back about your own travels, and where you want to be going. It will help put things in perspective.

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