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Note: Although this is talking about my job at the Community Health Center, Inc. and is very work related, it is on my personal blog and reflections personal opinions and not necessarily those of CHC.

Every Friday, I try to put up a Follow Friday or #FF post on my blog. Since I use Twitter feed, the title and a link gets posted to twitter.

On Wednesday, @CHCRadio broadcasted an episode featuring Dan Hawkins of the National Association of Community Health Centers (@NACHC). @CHCRadio is a project of @CHCConnecticut and it was great to spend some time working with people from @NACHC. Folks from @CHCConnecticut, @CHCRadio and @NACHC live tweeted the show and others picked up on it. One of the things that Dan spoke about was the relationship between community health centers in the United States and similar entities in other countries. He spoke about an international conference of community health centers.

One group that retweeted some of the posts about Dan was the Canadian Alliance of Community Health Centre Associations @ CACHCA_RCACCS. I’ve sent a couple good messages back and forth with them and I’m glad to be participating in some pre-conference tweeting with them. As an aside, last I checked, they were less than ten people away from crossing the 500 followers line. If you aren’t following them already and you are interested in health care, especially from a Canadian or international perspective, you should follow them.

Another person who joined in the retweeting was Lindsey Ruivivar, @LNReynolds. She is a regional field organizer for NACHC and a leader in social media at community health centers. She has a list of Federally Qualified Health Centers which is worth checking out. @aabayasekara and @pedrotoledo also have lists of health centers worth checking out. The National Network for Oral Health Access @NNOHA also has a list of health centers, since community health centers very often provides dental services.

Starting with the @NNOHA list, I have begun looking at what other community health centers are doing. A couple that jumped out at me are the Care Alliance Health Center, @CareAlliance and Premier Community HealthCare Group, @PCHG. There are a lot of other interesting people tweeting about community health centers, but I thought this is a good starting point for people to check out.

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