Archive - Jan 13, 2011


Yet again, I sit down at the computer, too tired to write the sort of blog post I would like. I should be commenting on politics or technology; something going on in Woodbridge, or in the world. There are plenty of things to write about, but I’m just too tired.

I got up fourteen and a half hours ago to get ready for work. I shoveled out the car. Even with our driveway being plowed, it still took me an hour to get the area around the car cleared. I knew that parking would be problematic at work, so I headed in early in hopes of getting a decent parking space.

I spend a lot of time reading, thinking and writing, so between physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion, I’m pretty wiped out.

So, now I am at home. However, Kim is working late this evening, so I am in charge of making sure that Fiona gets her homework done and gets to bed. Also, there is a puppy that hasn’t gotten enough attention. I’ll get a few things done, and get to bed early. Maybe I can catch up a little this weekend.

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