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The Continuing Saga of CRMGate

On May 4th, I received a phone call from Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara. I had spoken with her back in February to receive a copy of the Secretary of State’s Office’s contact database. In February, her office quickly complied and since then, I’ve spent a bit of time analyzing the data.

Deputy Secretary Mara was calling to inform me that the data I had received back in February may have inadvertently included home address data of certain individuals whose home addresses are protected by a section of Connecticut law. In contacting me to inform me of the possible error, she offered to provide a new copy of the same database with certain home addresses redacted. Since I continue to research the data, I accepted the offer and am now using the new database.

In addition, I have told interested people that they can contact me directly to get a copy of the database. I am now making sure that people receive copies that have protected home addresses redacted.

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Music Monday - Jill Cagney, The Ultimate Mommy Bloggers’ Folk Musician

Jill Cagney is the ultimate Mommy Bloggers’ Folk Musician. I came across her music as I was reviewing the Sonic Bids Submissions to the Orient Lodge Music Review. In terms of music, hers was not my favorite. It was not the most polished best written material out there, but it had a feeling of edgy authenticity that could not, and should not be overlooked.

I guess this is part of the reason I think of Ms. Cagney as the ultimate Mommy Bloggers’ Folk Musician. There are many Mommy Bloggers that I love to read on a regular basis that are also not the most polished best written material out there, but also have a feeling of edgy authenticity that needs to be paid attention to.

Beyond this, Ms. Cagney describes herself not only as a musician, but also as a “social worker, mother, writer, and surprisingly good pool player!” I tend to think that any good mother, or sufficiently involved father is likely to feel some kinship with Ms. Cagney. While we might not be professional social workers, once our kids get to the point of play dates, Queen Bees, and first crushes, we end up doing a little bit of social work as part of our parenting, and if we write authentically about what is going on in our lives, we just might echo a little bit of Ms. Cagney’s voice.

Anyone with kids is likely to recognize themselves saying words like Ms. Cagney in her song Kids:

Trying to keep up with you is like trying to run a marathon in a high heeled shoe
It's like trying to catch a dragonfly with a fishing pole
What goes on in your head I just don't know

Those of us who spend a lot of time online are also likely to find some of the words in her song “Facebook” about fifteen hundred forty-three friends and photoshopping ones overbite sound very close to home. You can become a fan of her on Facebook.

On Facebook, or Jill Cagney’s website you can find out that she will be playing at the City Ale House in Danbury, CT on June 11th and then at Rockin Joes in Westfield, NJ on June 17th. Later in the year, she will be appearing at Indiegrrl Conference and Festival in Knoxville.

So, if you like edgy authenticity, take a moment to check out some of Jill Cagney’s music.

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