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Wordless Wesley

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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Happy Chanukah.

A new month begins with the greeting, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. It is accompanied by the start of Chanukah and for me, the start of a new job. The new job is Social Media Manager at Community Health Center. I’ve held off writing much about it until things were pretty certain, and it has been a long process. Close friends who have known about this have said that the jobs sounds like a perfect fit for both me and CHC. I am pretty excited about the job and the potential to do some really fun and important work. However, I’m going to hold off saying much more until I’ve actually had some time to sit down and talk more with the people I’m working with about strategy.

That probably won’t happen until tomorrow at the earliest. Today will be filled with orientation and forms and starting to learn my way around the place. More soon...

As a final note, I want to thank a few people who entered into the Buckyballs Contest last night. With all the stuff going on with my job change, I haven't promoted it as much as I would like. I'm going to keep the contest open for another day or so, and then announce the winners, so please, check out Buckyballs,enter the contest and spread the word. As with my new job, More soon...

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