Archive - Sep 29, 2009

#nygames Pregame

The New York Games Conference, #nygames, kicks off Wednesday at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. I attended the conference last year and wrote about it in the games section of this blog. I intend to attend this year’s conference, and if there is sufficient connectivity perhaps even live blog parts of the conference.

The first panel will be analyst presentations. Last year’s conference started off with a very informative discussion about gaming trends, and I hope this year’s conference first presentation will be as interesting.

This will be followed by a keynote, “The State of The Casual Games Industry" by Tal Kerret, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of Oberon Media. Oberon Media lists themselves as “the world’s leading multi-platform casual games company”. One of the best speakers last year was from an iPhone game developer and I pondered how iPhone and Android game development compared. I hope that Mr. Kerret will talk a bit about casual games on mobile devices. I’m also mildly curious about interactive TV casual games, but I wonder how significant such games are.

Following the keynote will be various panels on distribution, monetization and social aspects of gaming. If there are particular aspects of the conference you are interested in, please let me know so I can try to cover them. I look forward to a long an interesting day.

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