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July 15th

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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July 14th

Too busy to blog

Too busy to blog, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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July 13th


“It promises to be another beautiful day on the Outer Cape…”

As I awake on this beautiful Monday, I think about all the various promises in our lives. Some are God’s promises; the promise of a new day, or the promise of a rainbow. Some are very big human promises; promises to uphold the constitution, promises to have and to hold in sickness and in health. These are important promises to be kept that too often people break. There are other big promises that may never be fulfilled, but are important ones, the ones of hopes and dreams; the vacation in Paris, or “next year in Jerusalem”. There are even those promises that are huge to some and seemingly inconsequential to others, like the promise of going to the lighthouse if the weather is fine in the beginning of Virginia Woolf’s novel, “To The Lighthouse”.

Yet within each promise of a new day are many small promises, like the promise of a fresh cup of coffee. These are the promises I would like to think about this morning. One friend of mine has a child fighting mental illness. Their life is made up of little promises. “Would you like me to bring home some ice cream for you from the grocery store?” There are implicit promises built into this; a promise of a mother to return with a treat, and a promise of the child to hold things together while she is gone.

Recently, there have been a lot of stories about suicides in the news. I don’t know how much this is a result of the economic woes so many are struggling with, but the promises the mother evokes from her child has made me think much more seriously about not only the big promises, but also the little promises. When I tell my wife and daughter that I’ll be back from the store in an hour, it is a small promise that is part of the much larger promises. We might all be a little better off if we thought about our promises that way.

For over a year, I’ve been writing a blog post every day. Some are very short, like a Wordless Wednesday post. Others require much time and thinking. I don’t want to make a promise to update my blog every day, even though I generally manage to succeed with this, but I do promise to update my blog frequently, even if the frequency falls off a little during vacations. I make the same sort of promise about visiting friends’ blogs.

How do you think about your promises? If you are a fellow blogger, are their promises implied or stated about your blog? Do you have implied or stated promises in reading other people’s blogs or commenting on them? Are you viewing your promise to take out the trash as an important part of the promise, ‘to have and to hold’? Do you view each of these promises as an important part of God’s promise of each new day?

For me, the promise right now is to let Kim sleep a little this morning. It will be followed by fulfilling the promise of going to the beach to swim, and at some point over the days to come, the promise to write more about these experiences on the Cape.

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July 12th

On Cape Cod

On Cape Cod, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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Words and Music

In a couple hours, we will be in the car on our way to Cape Cod. We spent yesterday packing, and doing all the odds and ends that need to be handled before we could leave. The house sitter will arrive soon to make sure the pets are properly cared for.

Unfortunately, the local libraries were all closed, so Kim had to resort to a local bookstore for her beach reading material. She didn’t get a chance to check out any books on tape, so I made my own.

Librivox is a site where volunteers read books in the public domain and save them as MP3 files. You can download a great variety of books. The first download I tried was Buster Bear by Thorton Burgess. I burnt it to a CD-RW using Microsoft Media Player. It plays in some audio devices, but not in the car. I then downloaded Anne of Green Gables. I used Roxio to burn the first few chapters and wrote it on a CD-R disk. This one played nicely in our car, so I burnt the remaining nine CDs. Kim labeled them for us, so for the cost of ten CD-R disks, we have Anne of Green Gables on CD. We will probably listen to this during a bit of the drive to the Cape.

For my reading, I received an electronic copy of the novel The Silent Serian by Miranda Hynes. This is Miranda’s second novel. It is a young adult fantasy novel and a great read. I read the first four chapters immediately, and will try to finish it when I have more computer time. I’m also trying to spread the word about it, so please, digg the book, share it on Facebook and other sites, and be sure to go out and buy a copy yourself.

I have also been listening to the musicians selected to be in the Emerging Artists Showcase at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I’ve downloaded some of the songs and may try to burn a CD for the road trip. I wanted to get a review up by now, but it will probably have to wait until I am back from Cape Cod.

However, as I started searching out the emerging artists and looking at their websites, I found a link to most of them on SonicBids. Each one that I’ve checked has an Electronic Press Kit where you can listen to, and in some cases download some of their music. I’ve now listened to songs by everyone who is supposed to be performing and I need to organize my notes into something readable.

Soon, we will hit the road listening to a great collection of words and music, and I’ll try to get some posts from Cape Cod up when I get some time.

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