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#followfriday #blogsunited

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Well, it is time for another #followfriday, and this week, I’m highlighting friends on #blogsunited. BlogsUnited is a group of progressive political bloggers that focus significantly on state and local issues. I’ve known many of them through political blogging for years.

@blogdiva is a very active tweeter, blogger, and general raconteur from New York City. I believe I’ve mentioned her many times before, so I won’t add much more here.

@fbihop is from Albuquerque, NM and is also very active in blogs and tweets.

@celticdiva is much less active on Twitter, but has a great blog sends out important tweets and provides a good progressive view of things form Anchorage, AK.

I’ve known @terranceDC for years. Mostly, he uses Twitter to highlight his recent blog posts. He doesn’t follow many people or engage in much discussion on Twitter. I filter out a lot of people like this, but @terranceDC has been writing a great blog for a long time, and I appreciate seeing updates about his new blog posts.

@capitolannex is from Mineola, TX. He’s moderately active on Twitter, but has great tweets.

@kuff is from Houston, TX. His blog is OffTheKuff, and he feeds @offthekuff from his blog. His discussions take place at @kuff He mixes up things nicely in his tweetstream. As an example, yesterday he tweeted about a radio station promo for star trek that used star wars music, and flagged it “geek fail”.

@kyledeb is from Boston, MA and writes important messages about immigration.

@lockshin is from the California Bay Area. He’s the online organizing director for the CA Dem Party and is a great example of what state parties should be doing with twitter.

@desmoinesdem is a good friend from Des Moines, Iowa. She writes a great blog and gets some good tweets in as well. It was from her that I learned about the “Show Me Marriage Equality” bus driving from St Louis to Iowa City.

@quinnelk is from Tallahassee FL. An important voice to hear. @samberm tweets from Arlington, VA and rounds out this weeks #followfriday list.

There currently around seventy-five members of BlogsUnited on Twitter, so I would encourage you to check out there tweets. You can get a good view of what they are up to by searching on the #blogsunited hashtag on PeopleBrowsr. PeopleBrowsr does have the ability to export that stream as RSS, HTML and a Retweet, click on the #blogsunited HTML stream to see recent tweets.