Archive - Feb 24, 2009

Another Day

There are a bunch of important blog posts that I want to get written, but they will have to wait for another day. Today, I spent most of my time and energy working on the financial software project that has been taking a lot of my attention. I also played technical support for a few different people and as I write this, I am hoping to finally remove a nasty virus from my wife’s computer. I also continue to spend time talking with Abdul-mumin. Abdul-mumin is the young man from Ghana that I have been chatting a bit with online.

He is seeking many avenues to get support for his efforts in Ghana. One site that he mentioned is a We Are Teachers Micgrogrant program. WAT is going to give away $200 and a Flip Video Camera to ten teachers to help promote creativity and the arts.

I'm not convinced that his project would be the most artistic. There are some pretty good programs out there. On the other hand, a Flip Video Camera in the hands of students in Ghana could be incredibly powerful, and I would encourage you to click on the link and vote for his project.

For me, at least I got a chance to eat some pancakes this evening. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to listen to a little of President Obama’s address to Congress. Tomorrow, I’ll probably just put up a Wordless Wednesday picture, but hopefully, sometime soon, I’ll get a chance to write some more serious blog posts.

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