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Hard Cider: Thinking about Yeasts

On Sunday, we stopped at Maltose Express in Monroe to pick up some yeast for our next batch of hard cider. It was a rainy day and the store was fairly quiet. Another shopper was picking up some yeast, also for making hard cider and we fell into a good discussion about different yeasts.

Tess, a co-owner of the store, recommended the cider yeast. She said she’s made lots of hard cider using that yeast and that she typically adds brown sugar to her cider to boost the sugar content. The new hard cider brewer was going with the cider yeast. I talked about some of the different yeasts I’ve used, including a champagne yeast, a Belgian Trappist yeast and how I was starting my next batch off with an Oktoberfest yeast. The folks behind the counter seemed intrigued, but perhaps a bit skeptical of using various beer brewing yeasts for cider, but I’ve been pretty happy with my results so far.

My next stop was at Beardsley Cider Mill to pick up six gallons of fresh cider. Another person was starting off on their hard cider making adventure and was heading over to Maltose next. He was a beer brewer and we chatted a bit more about different yeasts and sugars and so on.

Dan takes a different view from either Tess or myself and advocates using a fruit wine yeast. Either that, or just going with the natural yeasts on the fruit. With that, I’ve spent a little more time reading up on various yeasts and trying to come up with my own thoughts about the pros and cons of different yeasts.

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Thinking about the FTC’s Public Workshops and Roundtables: From Town Crier to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive ...

On December 1st and 2nd, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is holding “Workshops and Roundtables: From Town Crier to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?“ In the public notice they have a long list of questions that they propose should be discussed.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to gather some of my thoughts, and hopefully, reactions from others about these questions. With that, I am providing the list of questions along with some of my initial reactions. It may take me a while to get through all the questions, so I’m posting the first group now, and I’ll try to post more over the coming days.

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