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Wordless Wednesday

Statue Cleaning, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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Political Dreams

I stayed up too late watching election returns last and my sleep was filled with weird political dreams. An old friend of mine had sent an email to some of his friends. This is a person that I’ve known since the Dean campaign and who has been highly active in every presidential campaign since Adlai Stevenson. While it was intended just for his small circle of friends, it somehow went viral as the best analysis of the 2008 Presidential Season. It did talk about how it was time for Sen. Clinton to end her campaign, and was roundly attacked by Clinton supporters and praised by Obama supporters, even though my friend was trying to be neutral and object concerning the two campaigns.

The assistant priest at our church, a woman from England, received a copy of the letter and talked about it in terms of conflict within the Anglican communion about the role of women and homosexuals in the church and how the media in both cases are focusing on surface issues, male and female, black and white, straight and gay, and not on substantive issues like world hunger or global warming.

There was one other person, not a big name in the national media, but a person who is very influential within the circles they move, who also had comments about the email, but I forget who that was.

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