Archive - May 2, 2008

18th Annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference

From May 20th through May 23rd, the 18th annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference will take place in New Haven. This year’s topic is Technology Policy ’08. Early bird registration ends today, so if you are thinking of attending and haven’t signed up yet, today would be a great day to sign up.

In addition, “The Yale Journal of Law & Technology (YJoLT) is seeking essay-length submissions concerning the technology policy platform of the new American presidential administration.” The deadline for the entries is May 5th, and details can be found on the YJoLT Essay Contest

More information can be found at the CFP 2008 Main Page as well as many other sites they list, such as their Facebook Group and their blog. On their blog they have a post entitled Bloggers Wanted. If you are a blogger and planning on attending, please let the organizers know.

It looks like a great conference and I look forward to attending as much of it as possible.