Archive - Nov 9, 2008

Random Notes:

Trying to catch up on my novel is great fun. It is like I’m reading a novel that I find very interesting, that I can’t put down, but instead of it being someone else’s words, it is my own words pouring out as I write them. Yet it is time consuming and a bit draining.

I am now up to 7,610 words. Way behind where I should be today, but catching up. I spent time with my extended family yesterday and today, and Fiona did another episode of her radio show.

I wrote down more of my thoughts for my speech to a communications class that I’ll be giving on Friday in Second Life. In certain ways, writing down my thoughts for that feels similar to writing my novel. The words flow quickly and easily, but at the same time it is draining and there are time commitments and deadlines.

To unwind, I’ve been visiting various blogs and I found a great post. Blanca DeBree wrote a blog post entitled, Doors Open, Boys!. Blanca starts off, “Thank God the Californians decided to pass Proposition 8 and write discrimination into their constitution.”

Following that theme come several suggestions: “How about Proposition X: marriage is between a white man and a white woman.” and “Poposition M: marriage is between a non-Mormon man and a non-Mormon woman.”

I noted that here in Connecticut, Love Makes a Family has set up a Wedding Catalog for people who want to get married in the Constitution State.

I follow up with the comment, “It will be good for business here in Connecticut, and if we benefit from a brain drain from the Discrimination State to the Constitution State, we'll I hope that will help grow business in our state as well.”

Another part of my unwinding has been hacking my cellphone. I’ve finally started applying some mods. I’ve changed the default skin and am looking to create my own skin for the phone. I tweaked it so that my ringtone can be a whole song, and I’ve enabled, although not yet configured, the email client.

I guess that’s enough for one day, even if I didn’t have the energy to write as many words for the novel as I would have liked.

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