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CT Marriage Equality Day

When asked if he believed in infant baptism, Mark Twain is said to have responded, “Believe in it? Hell, I’ve seen it.” I guess the same can be said about same sex marriage. “I’ve seen it, and it is a wonderful thing.” I think anyone who is concerned about the defense of marriage needs to look at the love and commitment that couples are now able to celebrate in the marriages here in Connecticut. I know that I have come away with a stronger appreciation of my own marriage. You can see pictures and videos here and here.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to share some of my other notes and thoughts from the morning later.

… in sickness and in health

Part of my marriage covenant is to stand by my partner is sickness and in health. I’ve gotten more than my share with the sickness part as I stand by Kim in her ongoing battle with Lyme disease. As I was leaving the celebration of CT Marriage Equality Day, I received a phone call from Kim. We are lucky that she has health insurance. Her treatment for Lyme disease this month will only take up a third of her monthly take home salary instead more than 100%.


During my brief time between events, I got an IM from person I’ve been working a bit with. He has just set up a new server running Windows Server 2008. He managed to get a gateway to Freenet6 up and running on his server. I have it running on my Linux server which acts as an IPv6 router for my internal network. With a little testing and tweaking, I mounted a Windows Server 2008 share over IPv6 through these servers to my laptop. This is very cool. Lot’s more testing to be done.

Doninger Case

Once I had uploaded the photos and video from my morning, I headed back to downtown New Haven. This time, it was to hear oral arguments in the next phase of the Doninger case. Judge Kravitz questioned lawyers for both sides for around two and a half hours. I have lots of notes to digest and try to make sense out of. Hopefully, I can get this up soon as well.

Mary Sullivan

Back at home, I received an email that Mary Sullivan of Greenwich has passed away. Mary was a wonderful political activist that I first met during Gov. Dean’s Presidential bid. I hope to get a chance to write some of my reflections about Mary later.

Chad Lupkes

I also received an email from another old friend from the Dean campaign. Chad Lupkes is running for chair of the 46th LD Democrats in Washington State. He talks about wanting “"to promote civic participation, especially within the Democratic Party." I hope others consider doing the same.


My Twitterank is currently 137.75. My Twitter Grade is currently 99.7. It would probably be interesting to see how closely Twitter Grade and Twitter Rank. I’m going to guess that they correlate fairly nicely, but my gut feeling is that Twitter Rank is actually a more interesting number.

I like the way the creator has described the project, comparing it to Google’s Page Rank, not revealing the secret sauce and at the same time in a humorous way pointing out why sharing userids and password with third parties is a bad idea and arguing for better authentication methods.

This has raised a big storm amongst various techies, but I’m surprised that so few people really seem to get that this is no different from many other systems that authenticate against Twitter. Again, when I have more time, I’ll explore some of this.

Other stuff

Meanwhile, I’ve visited almost no blogs today, just barely scanned my emails, and written nothing for my novel. I’m going to post this, check out a few blogs, and then probably crash early.

CT Marriage Day

New Haven, CT - November 12th, 2008 We celebrate CT Marriage Equality Day.  The final order was put in place in court and folks walked from the court to the city hall get get a marriage license and greet well wishers.

Wordless Wednesday - Part 2 CT Marriage Day

This morning, I went down to the New Haven County Court and then over to New Haven City Hall to get pictures of the finalization of the court decision allowing gay couples to marry in the State of Connecticut, as well as to get pictures of the first gay couple getting their marriage license and the celebration outside.

I'm rushing off to other things, so for now, I'll simply post a link to the slideset on Flickr.

CT Marriage Day.

Note: As with pretty much everything I post on online, these pictures are shared with the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic. Basically, if you want to use them, feel free. Just let people know where to find the originals.

Wordless Wednesday (Part 1)

photo, originally uploaded by Aldon.

Okay. Not completely wordless. I was in Washington to cover the election, and didn't get my Wordless Wednesday post up last week. Here is the one that I probably would have used, although there are so many great pictures from Election day.

Later today, I'm going down to city hall to get pictures of people getting their marriage license after a very long battle. More on that later.

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