Archive - Oct 28, 2008

#DPAC - A Narrative

I wandered through the caverns of Grand Central Station after walking the canyons of New York City. I’ve seen a constant stream of billboard and people. I have engaged with none, and as the train leaves the station, soon all that will be left will be a blur of them. Perhaps it provides a good framework for understanding the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference I have attended today.

The first session was about simplifying social media for agencies and publishers. Like food that is too highly refined, it felt like any nutritional value had been simplified out of the presentation. The woman speaking seemed to be selling her platform for hosted white label social media sites. People asked their questions about to how make sufficient revenues and how to quantify the results. The discussion came and left like the constant stream of people on the street.

The second speaker was Len Lauer, Executive Vice President of Qualcomm. He spoke about Qualcomm’s vision of the future; WiMax, GSM, Fourth Generation communications and the role of chips in all of this. He spoke about the convergence of computers, cellphones and consumer electronics. He described items available in Japan that should become available in the states in twelve to eighteen months.

He described the embedded chips that would handle a multitude of communications protocols, the goal of low powered chips and moving from TFT/LCD based screens that draw a lot of energy to new reflective screens using significantly less energy. He spoke of competing with Intel and various acquisitions Qualcomm has made.

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