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SLNN Reporters Notebook

Today, as I worked on another story for the business section of SLNN.COM, I was informed of two different pieces of information. Mike31 Dawes of Dawes Financial Corp issued a Statement about their agreement in principal to “provide DFC's lending power to customers” of Central Grid.

When I spoke with Maltos Sosa about this and specifically about ‘The God Paradox’, he sent me the following notecard from Marcus Vendetta

At the recent Metanomics conference (Hosted by Rockciff University) the God Paradox was brought into question.

Speaking of the God Paradox, LL has imposed its will numerous times on the inner workings of the SL community. Every time it does this it fails to see or doesn't care that the people of SL suffer financially Ex: The recent banking ban. Because of this they are are directly shaping the future for SL and its residents. It is no longer a world "Built by its residents for its residents. It is becoming a LL governed metaverse. We at Central Grid and many others have found this totally unacceptable. Welcome to the Central Grid.

The Central Grids main focus is to be a platform provider and not a virtual government. We do not want or have any desire to "lay down the law" as to what is acceptable and what is not. Having said this, Central Grid (CG) is in direct communication with its residents about creating a TOS that is in the residents best interest and not a convenient document that says we can do whatever we want when we want. If you disect the LL TOS you will see what i mean.

Central Grid is following tha basis of a standard internet provider. We will not control any money. The only money we will control will be the fees paid for our service. Basically, we rent spaces on a grid map and run dedicated servers, all for what we see as the next wave of the old 2D webpage. Your new 3D webhosting company has arrived and its called Central Grid.

While I am not using this statement in my upcoming article for SLNN, it appears too important to not bring up, so I’m posting it in my ‘SLNN Reporters Notebook’. As things move forward, I hope to have similar postings here.

Other important notices are they stated their policy on dividends and noted that they have had no significant withdrawals.

On a different subject, I spent more time talking today with Joni Rich of This Second Marketing. The Career Builder’s site in Second Life has a Blogger’s Bar, which I was please to has a laptop that has my blog on it.

To the extent that you have thoughts, comments, press releases, etc., please contact me either via email as aldon dot hynes at orient dash lodge dot com or inworld as aldon huffhines. Even if they don’t become part of a full story on SLNN, I may use them in my reporter’s notebook.

Also, if you are interested in writing business articles for SLNN, please let me know. We are always looking for more good writers.

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