Archive - Sep 17, 2007

Second Life as your next browser

Over on a mailing list of educators in Second Life, there is a raging discussion about the pros and cons of ‘web on a prim’. A prim is a basic building block of Second Life and people worry about all kinds of horrible things that could happen is Linden Labs enabled some sort of Web on a Prim technology. Obviously, there are all kinds of issues that could come up with griefers messing around with web-enabled prims. Yet the bigger issue is what this would do to Second Life as a space for innovation. People would be lazy and simply embed webpages into their Second Life spaces. Second Life would simply become your next browser.

Actually, I kind of like that idea. I hate clicking on a link in Second Life and having Firefox pop up as an external unconnected window. I would like Second Life to be my browser. I would love to see the next iteration of the web be three dimensional, immersive, real time and with a viable microcurrency.

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