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Mother’s Day Thoughts

It is eight o’clock on a beautiful sunny Mother’s Day morning. Kim is sleeping. She’s been fighting this little bug that has been going around, and the Lyme disease seems to be causing her more problems again. I guess that is one of the things that kids often bring home to their mothers, the latest bug going around. I’ve also learned that letting her sleep in can be one of the most appreciated gifts she receives.

Fiona is working on a card for Kim and I’m helping Fiona spell the words she wants to write. Happy Mother’s day, Kim.

My own mother is unlikely to read this. She is staying with my sister. Her hands shake a bit too to be able to really use the computer well herself. She had used computers quite a bit in her work, but never really as a communications tool. My eldest brother has just started using computers to communicate and has started putting pictures up on Flickr. He has mentioned various pictures he’s seen of us to my mother.

There are other mothers that may read this post. I surf the blogs and often read various mommy blogs. There are the Stay At Home Mommies (SAHM) and the Work At Home Mommies (WAHM). They right wonderful stories about caring for their children and their dear husbands. These are the real reality shows. This is the new Americana.

Beyond that, are the particularly moving blogs, the military wives, taking care of their children while their husbands serve overseas. There are the cancer blogs with mothers fighting breast cancer while at the same time fighting to be a positive influence on their children.

Then, there are all the blogs that aren’t being written. Yesterday, Miranda went back to a local nursing home where she is volunteering. She took Mairead with her and they spent the afternoon playing piano, playing trivia and talking with the residents. When I stopped by to pick them up, I brought Fiona and she spent a bit of time talking with some of the folks there. One woman spoke about how her grandchildren were all grown up and how much she enjoyed seeing Fiona. Others told stories about growing up in Stamford or in Ireland.

When I stopped to fill out the volunteer form for Mairead, the director of volunteers pointed out recent improvements around the nursing home. One improvement was a new computer for the residents to use. Could someone help some of these folks blog, or find blogs written by their children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren?

So, this Mother’s day, stop by and thank a mother, on a blog, at a nursing home, or wherever else your travels take you, and think for a moment about how you can help other mothers share their stories.

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