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Social networks and Consumer-Generated Media

On of the 12:15 sessions at ad:tech was Social Media and Consumer-Generated Media: Has a Value Proposition Emerged? Heidi Browning, SVP of Client Solutions at Fox Interactive gave a wonderful presentation exploring the "Momentum Effect", part of the never ending friending a journey into social networking report. In essence, it is the same old discussion that Elihu Katz covered in his seminal work, "Personal Influence" transposed to the world of Social Media.

Her discussion was focused around a quote from a 27 year old from LA. He said, "I don't want companies to advertise to me. I want them to be my friend." She unpacked this by trying to understand what it means for a company to be a friend. Many people add companies as friends because they want special acces, notice of events, sales, exclusive offers, etc. Others added companies because friends recommended it, something that particularly argues for the idea of personal influence and gets a lot of peoples attention. Some people wanted to associate with the brand as part of their identity creation. Others wanted discounts, and around 11% simply wanted to be friends because they believed in the brand.

As I listened to this, I saw a message on Twitter. Steve Rubel was pointing out that The New York Times now has a Facebook page. I added myself as a fan of The New York Times, for several of the reasons listed above. It will be interesting to see how The New York Times makes use of Facebook. They are typically cited as an example of the old professional generated media company most threatened by social media and consumer generated media.

A later speaker made a wonderful comment about a company that after the success of one social media campaign discovered that "listening to consumers pays off". It is amazing the discoveries that this new media has spawned. I'm sure that this sort of idea never occured to people in before computers. He went on to say that in response to this great discovery, they set up a blog. I could not help but wonder if they allow comments.

The key message was that companies need to be authentic online, that they need to be thinking about long term dialogs with their customers, instead of a brief 30 second interruption as part of a short media campaign.

There are a lot of interesting places to go with this.

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ad:tech Initial notes

I am at ad:tech today to blog their conference. It is going on all week. The exhibition hall was open Monday and Tuesday, and I didn't make it to that. The conference started yesterday and runs through tomorrow. I can only take so much of these conferences, so I chose today as the day to come.

Today started off with a keynote, The State of the Industry presented by Randall Rothenburg President and CEO of Interacive Advertising Bureau. The panel included Suzie Reider, head of advertising sales for, Michale Barret, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer, Fox Interactive Media, Arianna Huffington, Co-founder and editor in chief of Huffington Post and Matt Freeman, CEO Tribal DDB Worldwide.

Randall started off with some great questions and admonitions. He noted the phenomenal growth of online content and talked about the importance of advertising in funding this environment. Then he warned about 'anti-consumer' groups seeking regulation of online conent, and particularly online advertising. He used this to encourage people to respect the user with as much transparency as possible, as well as to key a close eye on what is going on in Washington and in the state capitals.

... A couple hours later...

I've been busy taking notes... There has been a lot of good content at ad:tech. As such, I may not get a chance to combine it all as nicely and quickly as possible, so, I'll put up this post as is, and hope to have more to come.

Quick side notes... The traffic patterns here are horrible. It took forever to get out of one session and into the next. One of the panelists commented about how great it was to have to wait in line to get into their own panel.

I've found a good corner to sit in where there was an outlet. I've plugged in my power strip and there are now five people plugged in. There are a lot of laptops and a lot of people looking for connections. Related to this, the WiFi is up and down, perhaps as it gets overloaded.

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Looking for Lilies: Politcs, Media and Role models

I must admit that Glamour is not one of the magazines I regularly read. I dislike the role of being a thin sexy shopper that it seems to promote. It might be that there is something useful between the covers, but It isn’t a place I normally look for inspiration.

However, it is a place that many people look, and last night, I received an email about their Women of the Year.

The article starts off with a quote from Sheryl Crow,

“When I think of strength and grace, I think of Elizabeth’s undefeatable spirit. She is simply one of the most honest, most deeply inspiring people I have ever met.”

It ends with a wonderful quote from Elizabeth,

It’s not only her children whom Elizabeth inspires. “Life is rarely what we expect it might be,” she says, “but we need to look for the lilies. We need to do what brings us joy and what gives us a sense of purpose.” As the whole world watches Elizabeth Edwards doing just that, she’s showing us all nothing less than how life should be lived.

It is great to see joy and purpose brought to the political stage. It is great to see fighting bravely against cancer as glamorous. It is great to see standing up for what you believe as glamorous. It gives me hope that our media and our country isn't as completely screwed up as I sometimes thing.

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Also, I added a comment there, which I'll add to the body here:

I have a six-year old daughter, Fiona. Those of you who have followed various campaigns may have seen her on the trail.

We are constantly looking for positive female role models for her. We have a list of movies we like to watch, like Bend it like Beckham, Whale Rider, Gracie, and so on.

So, what tips do you have for good role models for young girls?

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