Archive - Oct 9, 2007

Random Second Life Links

On Second Life, I was recently asked, how to play a YouTube video in Second Life. Here is what I said. First, YouTube videos are in Flash format. Second Life only plays videos in Quicktime format. So, your best bet is to try and get a copy of the video from the producer in Quicktime format. If you can’t do that, there are ways to take a video from Youtube and convert it to Quicktime.

Back in May, Torley had a post, How to convert YouTube videos for playing in Second Life which describes using Vixy to convert Flash videos to other formats. While Torley talks about converting to Quicktime for Second Life, Vixy can also be used to convert to formats that can be loaded on iPods, PSP (PlayStation Portable) and cellphones. Since we’ve recently upgraded our cellphones to be able to play video, I’ll probably try loading some YouTube videos on my cellphone sometime soon.

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